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European Teslas will have internet tunes thanks to Rdio (video)


Your dream of cruising the Autobahn in a Model S is about to get an internet-enhanced soundtrack: Rdio is coming to European Teslas. While Yanks have had access to Slacker for some time, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk a licensing issue prevented our neighbors across the pond from enjoying such a luxury. At a recent town hall-style meeting spotted by Gigaom, Musk announced that Rdio will fill the Slacker-sized hole in the EU and also detailed why there hasn't been Spotify integration just yet. Apparently, the Sweden-based service didn't want to work with Musk for automobile integration at first, which prompted him to look elsewhere. Musk was quick to note that in the long-term that might change however, and that you can still connect your mobile device and stream via Bluetooth. For all of this and more (including Supercharger locations and what firmware update 6.0 entails), hit the embedded video after the break for the full meeting.

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