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Velocity 2X blends shmups with Metroid platforming on PS4, Vita


Indie developer FuturLab has detailed Velocity Ultra's upcoming PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sequel Velocity 2X, showcasing an in-progress alpha version in the newly launched trailer above.

While its predecessor Velocity Ultra was an overhead-view shooter that encouraged players to backtrack throughout each level to find hidden switches and item pick-ups, Velocity 2X takes these exploration elements to new extremes, introducing side-scrolling platforming segments that bridge short bursts of shoot-'em-up gameplay.

During each level in Velocity 2X, players infiltrate enemy strongholds and search for survivors from a Metroid-like side-scrolling perspective. Gameplay maintains the same frantic pace throughout, and players retain the ability to teleport through walls in both shooter and platforming sequences.

Velocity 2X is due to hit the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita via the PlayStation Network later this year.
[Image: FuturLab]

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