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Motorola drops device exclusivity from Droid Zap photo sharing app


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Would Twitter, Instagram or Vine be any fun if you couldn't participate in the social experience? No, probably not. This is the problem that Motorola's Droid Zap had: it was a unique, localized photo-sharing service that left non-Droid owners out to dry. Users of any Android phone could call up the app and see what other users in a 1,000-foot radius were sharing, but were barred from sharing anything unless their device was Droid-branded. Now, Motorola is finally letting other phone owners become part of the conversation, opening the app's photo-sharing features to all Android devices. Unfortunately, the full experience still isn't available to everyone: the new Zap Zone feature (a timed, live and shared photo album) is exclusive to Droid devices, as is the ability to send videos and regular files. Still, with the ability to participate at least a little, non-Droid users finally have a reason to try the app.

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