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NASCAR '14 revs engines for online leagues, a series first

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Just because the cars don't turn any direction but left in a real-life NASCAR race doesn't mean the NASCAR games can't change things up every now and again. NASCAR '14, developed by Eutechnyx, will be the first in the series to allow for players to form an online league.

Up to 16 players can form a league and race through the Sprint Cup, according to Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard. "Without question, this was the most requested feature," Eutechnyx Executive VP Ed Martin told Extra Mustard. "We expect hundreds of thousands of people to be running their own season."

Unfortunately, none of those 16 people will be racing on next-gen consoles. Martin said there aren't enough consoles out in the wild yet to justify development costs. "The nail in the coffin was when a guy from Sony talked about Gran Turismo, and how their new game was launching on PS3. He said something like, 'Why would we put Gran Turismo on a console that has zero units in the market when there are 150 million PlayStation 3s out there?'"

"It costs us about $6 million to develop a next-gen version of NASCAR. You have to sell an awful lot of copies in order to meet the development costs, on top of all the licensing," Martins noted. "We own the rights, and we absolutely have plans, but it won't be later this year."

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