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Verizon waives activation fees, offers smartphone trade-in deals -- for a limited time


Is The UnCarrier to blame for Verizon and AT&T running different promotions lately? Perhaps. But regardless of who's to blame thank for this, the stiff competition between US carriers is a great thing for you, the consumer. The latest ones come by way of Verizon, which recently kicked off a couple of limited-time deals in hopes of luring customers in. For starters, Verizon's offering a $100 in-house gift card for any smartphone "in good working condition appraised for less than $100," though you could get up to $300 for a more valuable handset. Additionally, Verizon's also waving its $35 activation fees on new lines during the next few days -- which, when combined with the recycling promo, could end up saving you a good amount of cash. The trade-in offer will be running through March 31st, while the other is set to be valid until February 17th.

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