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Torture your friends with The Impossible Game PC's new level editor

When The Impossible Game finally comes out on PC this year, you'll be able to design your own obstacle courses of spike traps and deviously-placed platforms to torture your friends with. Developer Grip Games is introducing a level editor to go along with the five maddeningly difficult levels from the original version of the game.

The Impossible Game boiled platforming down to its barest essentials when it first came out, and was insanely, wonderfully addictive as a result. You are a square who can't stop moving. There are spikes you have to jump over, and there's a rhythm you must follow to properly survive. Jumping over those spikes is really, really hard. Hence the name. In the past three years, Fluke Dude has helped bring the game to myriad platforms, from the PSP to Xbox 360 and iOS.

Save for the browser-based demo on Fluke Dude's homepage, though, there was never a full PC version. A successful Steam Greenlight campaign last September put the The Impossible Game PC into development alongside its brand new level editor. The editor sounds pretty snazzy, letting you upload songs from your music library to create a rhythmic base for a new level and then simple tools for exporting the level to send to your friends.

Fluke Dude has yet to set a price or release date on the game. If you want an early look at The Impossible Game on PC, Joystiq will have a Tiny Stream of an early version of the game this month. Stay tuned.

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