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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside reportedly leaving to join Dropbox (update: confirmed)


Executive departures (voluntary and otherwise) aren't uncommon after major acquisitions, and that may well be happening in the wake of Lenovo's deal to acquire Motorola's cellphone business from Google. The Wall Street Journal claims that Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside is leaving the company to become Dropbox's first Chief Operations Officer. It's not clear just what would be driving Woodside to take a less glamorous role; we've reached out to both companies for comment. If true, the move would bring an abrupt end to Woodside's brief tenure as Moto's leader. It wouldn't be surprising to see him go, however -- while he reinvigorated the phone pioneer and helped launch some of its best devices in recent memory, the company's earnings didn't follow suit.

Update: Woodside has confirmed the move in a blog post on Motorola's website.

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