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Report: Xbox One controller precision being tuned for Titanfall [update]


Update: A Microsoft representative has confirmed the planned update, which will arrive sometime this month. "Yes. The February update will increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries of the thumbsticks on the Xbox One controller. The update will happen automatically when your controller syncs with your console."

Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment have been working together to improve the Xbox One controller's performance prior to the launch of Titanfall next month. At a recent preview session for Titanfall, a Respawn representative told Game Informer the "analog sticks are more precise, and we worked very closely with [Microsoft]" to make that happen.

The special edition Titanfall controllers will ship with the firmware enhancements, but all Xbox One consoles will receive the update prior to Titanfall's launch. We're checking with Microsoft about how this will occur, exactly, and whether players will be notified or prompted by the system. Last we saw, the controller firmware update process is no simple matter.

Titanfall will kick-off a closed beta test starting on Friday, February 14. You can sign up for the beta on PC or Xbox One right now, though a valid Origin account is required to access the PC beta.
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