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Rhode Island House passes 38 Studios settlement bill


If you're playing along in the home version of 38 Studios Saga, we're deep in the trenches of Legislation Alley with the end of the game coming into sight. You're now allowed to move another piece forward as the Rhode Island House of Representatives voted to pass a bill to settle the 38 Studios quagmire.

The House vote was the twin of the Senate bill that passed last month. The bill shields the ex-38 Studios defendants from being sued further, aiding a final settlement in the legal matter of the defaulted $75 million loan and the studio's subsequent collapse.

Now the bill will be handed over to Governor Lincoln Chafee to sign. The lawmakers also discussed whether or not Rhode Island taxpayers should continue to pay off the $90 million that the state is responsible for. One representative said that the state should be solely repaid from funds recouped following this round of litigation.

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