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Capcom has 'no plans' to take action against fraudulent composer


Capcom does not plan to take action regarding composer Mamoru Samuragochi's recent admission that he outsourced his credited Onimusha and Resident Evil: Director's Cut soundtracks to a third party, the company confirmed in a statement to Eurogamer this week.

"We at Capcom were truly surprised by Samuragochi's recent admission," a Capcom spokesperson told Eurogamer. "However, as both soundtracks involved are no longer in circulation, we have no plans to take action of any kind."

Samuragochi admitted to hiring a ghost composer to create the majority of his credited work over the past two decades, citing a degenerative condition affecting his hearing. The admitted ghost composer, Takashi Niigaki, later claimed that Samuragochi lied about his hearing loss, alleging that the composer "cannot even write musical scores."

Samuragochi addressed Niigaki's allegations earlier this week, claiming that his hearing partially returned within the past few years. "In recent years I have started to be able to hear a little bit more than before... since about three years ago I can hear words if people speak clearly and slowly into my ears," Samuragochi said in a written statement. "It is true that I received a certificate proving I had a hearing disorder and that I couldn't hear anything up until three years ago."
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