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Nintendo's free-to-play game lets you haggle for bargains


Nintendo announced a 3DS mini-game collection by the name of Rusty's Real Deal Baseball during today's Nintendo Direct livestream. The game is free to download, and offers one demo game by default. The rest are cartridges that players purchase for their "Nontendo 4DS," a small console inside the game that houses all the baseball mini-games.

The catch to Rusty's Real Deal Baseball is the haggling system within the game, in which players attempt to talk the mini-game store's owner (Rusty, who happens to be a dog) into lowering the real-life prices of the mini-games. This is accomplished not only by chatting Rusty up at the right times, but by bribing him with items earned within the games players already own until the shopkeeper (or one of his kids) announces the minimum price has been met. Completing rounds in mini-games also earns players collectible stamps, which unlock items for use in bargaining.

Nintendo first released the game as Darumeshi Sports Store in Japan in August 2013.
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