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StreamNation copies all your cloud media into a central hub


Joining multiple cloud services is great for maxing out your storage, but keeping on top of all them can be a chore. StreamNation's latest update may help you untangle all that by allowing you to copy your media from Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, Google Drive and others into its own app. Content can be directly uploaded from those programs straight through their respective APIs without tying up your connection. Once copied over, you can then stream or share them with anyone who's also signed up to the service and even lend them out. To fit all of those files in, StreamNation will give you 5GB of storage for free, or more if you're willing to invite your friends or flood your social feeds with endorsements. Otherwise, plans start at $4 a month for 100GB, and go up to $19 month for unlimited storage.

We tried the iOS and web versions of StreamNation ourselves, and found it a breeze to add local files or media from services like Google+ or Dropbox. However, since it creates a second copy of your cloud files, you may need as much space on StreamNation as all your other services combined. Still, if the convenience of being able to share any file from a central location outweighs those drawbacks, you can now sign up at the source.

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