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Sniff out hard-to-find WiFi in Japan with Navitime's hotspot locator


You'd think it'd be a no-brainer to find WiFi gratis in a nation with the world's third most internet users, but as one of our editors put it, "Japan is terrible for free WiFi. Please say this!" Luckily mapping outfit Navitime Japan agrees, and is doing something about it with an initiative called "Free WiFi Spot Search." Working offline, the free app uses your mobile device's GPS to suss out the nearest signal and guide you straight there with its AR mode. Japanese carrier NTT East will aid the effort by offering its 40,000 hotspots free to tourists for two weeks if they sign up prior to arrival. Counting Buffalo's Freespot and Starbucks locations, that'll quench your thirst for sweet, sweet internet at more than 51,000 locations.

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