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Joystiq Tiny Streams: Delving deep into Dungeon of the Endless

Tiny Streams has a dollop of punishing roguelike action for you this Valentine's Day. Nothing says, "I love you!" like watching someone rail against Dungeon of the Endless, the new game from Amplitude Studios, the Parisian team behind the popular strategy game Endless Space.

Jess Conditt, Joystiq's Senior Reporter, dove into the alpha version of Dungeon of the Endless to give an early view of how Amplitude approaches a more terrestrial game of strategy. A more intimate experience than Endless Space, Dungeon is no less challenging than its predecessor while retaining its hard science fiction ambiance.

Joystiq Tiny Streams air right here on every Monday and Friday at 4PM EST. To check out Jess' full stream of the game, or to follow her future streams, hit up her Twitch channel. Full Joystiq Streams air on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4PM EST.
[Images: Amplitude Studios]

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