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Spend $85, get an Ouya and $25 games credit


Arguably the best deal on an Ouya we've seen in a while has surfaced over on digital commerce site Stack Social. You can grab an Ouya console, controller and a $25 credit towards games right now, all for $85.

Sorry, this deal is only available to folks in the continental United States. Also, this is the 8GB console, not the new 16GB console Ouya revealed last month. This sale ends in 12 days and price includes shipping.

Need some ideas for what to spend that $25 on? Towefall is a strong candidate, as is Double Fine's The Cave and free-to-play roguelike Soul Fjord. There are over 500 games in total to choose from.

The Ouya is an Android-powered games console whose marketplace is characterized by having free demos of every game offered there. Ouya ships with the latest updated firmware, which was introduced late last year and augments much of the Ouya's user interface.
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