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Valve adds flagging option for user-made Steam tags

Earlier this week, Valve implemented the beta trial for Steam Tags, a feature that lets the Steam userbase collectively assign new tags to games. This was meant to help users find games relevant to their interests by searching for less conventional concepts, but as the "check your privilege" tag on Gone Home suggests, some users are taking a different path. Valve has since updated the beta to deal with problematic user-made tags.

The update brings with it a flagging function, meant to report tags that are offensive, abusive, unhelpful, spoiler-related or irrelevant to the game they're assigned to. New tags will also have to be used by more users than before in order to show up in the popular tags section. In the event that an inappropriate tag does make it into the popular tags section, it will need to be approved for multiple games before it's listed in the recommendation-oriented "For You" tab.

We can't really act surprised that some users have alternative plans for user-made tags, but it's nice to see Steam try and fix the feature for those looking for something other than snark from their shopping advice.
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