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La-Mulana sequel funded with five days to go [update: demo!]


Update: You can now download a free demo of La-Mulana 2, based on what was shown behind closed doors at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Head to Playism's site to check it out.

Like any half-decent adventuring archaeologist, La-Mulana 2 left it to the last minute to whip past its $200,000 Kickstarter goal. That means Nigoro's platforming sequel, starring new protagonist Lumisa Kosugi, is definitely coming to PC. Although it may take its time to get there, with its estimated delivery listed on Kickstarter as "December 2015."

With five days on the funding clock, Nigoro and publishing partner Playism will now look towards stretch goals. Even though Mac & Linux ports are down from $500,000 to $400,000, they and console ports further up the list look unrealistic. Instead, a retrospective Father's Diary mode at $230,000, and a monster guide at $260,000 are much more attainable.
[Image: Playism]

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