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New Samsung ads takes shots at the iPad Air and the iPhone


Samsung never misses an opportunity to take shots at all things Apple any chance it gets. While Samsung's ads can be pretty funny at times -- like their series of commercials poking fun at Apple fanboys blindly waiting in line for the latest Apple product -- not every ad is a homerun.

Such is the case with Samsung's most recent effort, a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 ad which takes a few jabs at the iPad Air while also lampooning the original Bryan Cranston narrated iPad Air ad.

As for the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 being a thinner device, it measures in at 7.3mm compared to 7.5mm for the iPad Air.

But the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 wasn't the only product partaking in the Apple bashing festivities. A recently released Galaxy Note 3 ad featuring Lebron James also pokes fun at the iPhone's screen size.

Wait a second, shouldn't we enjoy this high-definition jam on a screen that's actually high definition? 5.7 inches of HD? Booyah! Or 4.0 inches of non-HD? LeBron's literally running away from this phone." "And would you look at that?

The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a handy little S-Pen. No S-Pen hiding in this other phone. Believe me, I've checked.

And as far as bad Samsung ads go, nothing can top this Galaxy Gear ad Samsung inexplicably released a few months ago. It's really one of those ads that's so atrocious you have to see it to believe it.

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