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Arr Jim lad: Nokia's Treasure Tags keep your phone and wallet within 50 paces of each other


Phone, wallet, wooden leg. That's the mental, if not physical, pat down today's urban pirate typically goes through as they leave the house. Nokia's Treasure Tag hopes to remove some of that anxiety. The "tag" part attaches to your "treasure" and connects to your phone over Bluetooth (with NFC pairing). Should your gold and your phone be parted -- say, as you leave one on your desk as you dash out for lunch -- both pieces of hardware alert you with an alarm. The sonic part also helps you find the forgotten item, should you not remember where you left it. There's also a companion app that will locate your lost bounty on a map. The extra forgetful can pair unto four tags with one phone, and disable/enable alerts for each at will, and with battery life claimed to be around six months, you're good for a long while. It comes in Nokia's four favorite/regular hues, and costs $30 a pop. It's not restricted to Windows Phone, either, it seems, as Nokia states there will be support for third-party iOS and Android apps. What if you're prone to forgetting you keys and phone together? Then you probably don't deserve nice things in the first place, swashbuckler.

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