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WoW Moviewatch: The Fall of Gnomeregan

This is a mindblowing tour of the The Fall of Gnomeregan, with a strong flair for storytelling, eye-popping graphics, and a smooth, riveting soundtrack. This is one of those rare, story-based machinimas we just don't see very often. I'll let Harmon Productions describe the work:

This is a Machinima/Animated retelling of my first ever Machinima video "Plight of the Gnomes" with Gnomeregan and most WoW assets converted into Source Filmmaker and rendered there besides some spots composited in. A huge chunk of the work was getting Gnomeregan and other things into the engine and making it look as best as possible, and despite some weirdness here and there I think it's a success.

If you take the time to watch this video, I think you'll agree with Harmon. It really is an amazing piece, and probably one of the best you'll see for a while.
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