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Barnes & Noble will revive its Nook tablet line with a new model this year


You'd be forgiven for thinking that Barnes & Noble's tablet range was on ice; while the firm did promise to work with third parties on new models, it went through all of 2013 without fresh devices. The bookseller will soon reward patient fans, however. It just revealed that there will be a new "Nook color device" early into the company's fiscal 2015, which roughly translates to this summer. However, we don't know what the new Nook slate will offer, or even who's making it. Barnes & Noble says it's still talking to multiple "world-class hardware partners" about development and distribution, so it could be a long while before we know what to expect. The company does have some breathing room to implement its Nook strategy, though. It swung to a $63.2 million net profit for its fiscal third quarter versus a $3.7 million loss a year ago, and it now has more than twice as much cash in the bank. Even though the company is making half as much revenue from its Nook business as it did at this point in 2013, it's not facing a dire financial crisis.

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