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Someone made machines that play music with pint glasses


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Forget skimming the edge of your pint glass to make music -- how about some real alcohol-inspired instruments? Inventor Andy Cavatorta has built the Chalice Symphony, a quartet of devices that use Stella Artois' signature drinking glasses to produce some decidedly uncommon sounds. Each of the instruments is surprisingly technology-laden. The Star Harp can use robotics to play itself, while the Pyrophone you see here relies on software-controlled torches to create flute-like notes. The Hive (a keyboard-driven cluster of bells) and the Violina (a spinning string-like instrument) also use complex machinery. There are currently just a few teaser videos to hint at what the symphony can do, but you'll get an earful soon -- Cold War Kids will release a track in early March that was performed using the glass-based gadgets. We have a hunch that it's worth waiting for the song, even if you're not a fan of Belgian pilsners.

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