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Total Kickstarter pledges surpass $1 billion

Jef Reahard

How much money have Kickstarter projects made since the service's April 2009 inception? That's right, over $1 billion-with-a-B dollars. MCV reports that US citizens lead the way with over $663 million in pledges, followed by backers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

On April 28, 2009 -- Kickstarter's first day -- a total of 40 people pledged $1,084 to seven projects. On March 13, 2013 -- Kickstarter's biggest day to date -- 54,187 backers forked over $4 million-plus for 1,985 different projects.

While Kickstarter isn't restricted to gaming drives, they do lead the way in terms of total funding with over $215 million in pledges as of press time.

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