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Government working with Fitbit to recall rash-inducing sportsbands


Fitbit quickly issued a voluntary recall for its Force sportsbands, even though it has yet to pinpoint the exact component that can trigger contact dermatitis. We may soon find out, though, since the firm is working with the Consumer Products Safety Commission to shed more light on the situation. To be fair, Fitbit's execs haven't been sitting on their hands -- they've been running tests and have results showing no problem with the device's battery or electrical system. As Consumerist notes, the government agency usually accompanies recalls with detailed reports, so this development could help us find out what actually went down. We might finally know not only what the rogue component(s) is -- if it's the nickel in the stainless steel, a material/adhesive used in the device's band or something else altogether -- but also how many users were affected. Fitbit hasn't notified all Force users of the issue yet, but promises to email everyone after finalizing its recall plan with the CPSC.

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