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Blizzard handed out real hearthstones, may not actually work


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Blizzard unveiled their 2013 holiday gifts to their employees yesterday, and they were glowing with satisfaction. Employees walked home with their own hearthstone.

Now the big question is if this is some maniacal plot by the Blizzard executives to get their employees to work more. If the hearthstone does indeed work, then it would cut down on travel time exponentially. Of course, we all know about the chip that Blizzard has implanted in the back of employees skulls during their first week of employment. Former Blizzard CM Mike "Belfair" Sacco once told me that it itches like crazy for about the first month, but after that the "loyalty device" (as it's called in internal HR documents) doesn't really bother them much.

There is no indication if the hearthstone's teleportation actually works. We've reached out for comment and will get back to you when we hear a response.

More pictures, along with some Vines, after the break.

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