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BlackBerry CEO calls iPhone users "wall huggers"


With all of the corporate turnover at BlackBerry, it's hard to keep up with who's actually steering the ship these days. So in case you missed it, John Chen assumed the CEO position at BlackBerry this past November following the ouster of Thorsten Heins.

Now it's no secret that the iPhone ushered in a smartphone revolution and quickly turned BlackBerry into a has-been. For years now, BlackBerry has been struggling to reclaim some sort of relevancy in the smartphone market after blindly holding on to the notion that users are still clamoring for physical qwerty keyboards.

That said, BlackBerry's newly-minted CEO isn't afraid of talking a big game and taking shots at the big smartphone players. After all, a little bit of trash talk is part and parcel of being an underdog.

So while speaking at the Oasis Montgomery conference earlier this week, Chen was asked about the surging popularity of the iPhone.

Not skipping a beat, Chen was quick to throw a few jabs in Apple's direction, answering that iPhone users are constantly searching for power outlets because battery life on the iPhone can't even last a full day.

"I call you guys wall huggers", Chen remarked in jest.

While BlackBerry's prospects remain bleak, I for one enjoy a CEO with a little bit of moxie.

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