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Engadget Podcast 387 - 3.7.14

Jon Turi, @jonturi

Ben Gilbert is joined by Engadget editor and former Best Buy celeb Chris Velazco, along with our social media guru John Colucci who's managed to drag himself away from Grumpy Cat and 3D-printed Oreos long enough to share his thoughts on SXSW. While Ben flexes his verbal Shaq Fu to keep the podcast on track, the real Shaquille is actually scheduled to host a panel on wearables at the Austin event this week. There's a good deal of strange news to talk about, but none quite as odd as Dorian Nakamoto's #bitcoinchase on Thursday. Of course there's a method to all this madness and it can be found at the streaming links below, steganographically embedded into this week's episode of the Engadget Podcast. Enjoy!

Hosts: Ben Gilbert

Guests: Chris Velazco, John Colucci

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

07:19 - Bitcoin's elusive founder reportedly discovered living in California
18:50 - PlayStation US head Jack Tretton parts ways with Sony
26:28 - Hands-on with Apple's CarPlay: when Siri met Ferrari

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