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Tumblr goes retro by letting you post with a phone call (update: more feature revival than retro)


Forget trying to be retro-cool by replacing your digital music with vinyl -- that's so 2013. Tumblr believes that this year's trendsetters will use its throwback dial-a-post service instead. You can now make an audio post on the social network by calling a toll-free number; all you have to do beforehand is link your phone's digits to your account. Will Tumblr's new feature be a gimmick for most users? Absolutely. However, there's definitely an appeal if you're on a spotty data connection or want to get around online censorship. And besides, it's probably your first opportunity in years to dial the internet.

Update: As it turns out, the phone-in feature is itself a bit retro. Tumblr had implemented call-based posting a few years ago -- the company is just drawing attention to its sadly neglected option.

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