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ArcheAge Russia IP blocks only apply to new accounts, Mail.Ru 'negotiating' with XL

Jef Reahard

The saga of ArcheAge Russia continues today as publisher Mail.Ru has updated the game's website with the status of its "negotiations" with developer XLGAMES. As we reported yesterday, XL requested IP blocks for the Russian release of its popular sandpark title, presumably due to an influx of both Korean and Western enthusiasts.

Today's update, courtesy of Google translate, says that the IP blocks only apply to newly registered accounts, which would explain why many Western ArcheAge users were able to continue playing even after yesterday's announcement.

Some ArcheAge fans are speculating that the popularity of the Russian release stems from huge post-launch changes made by XL to the Korean version of the game. Said changes were intended to make ArcheAge more accessible for a wide audience, but fans who have followed the title for years were reportedly turned off by the removal of sandbox elements and subsequently decided to play the pre-patch Russian version.

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