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Bar graphs, pie charts, boys and girls in Vita platformer Metrico


Metrico will feature two character options when it launches on Vita in the spring: a boy and a girl. The avatars are silhouettes that leap around an environment of pie charts, bar graphs, angles and statistics, with each step and jump altering the immediate surroundings.

When we played Metrico at Gamescom last year, it was in pre-alpha, but the game's fundamental platforming and puzzle mechanics were striking. One errant step and the pathway in front of the avatar was impossible to cross, but a teleport restart system made it easy to try again (and again). There was only one playable avatar at that time – a boy in a hoodie – but now there's a lady in a skirt and sneakers, too. Digital Dreams CEO Thijmen Bink tells Joystiq the decision to add a lady avatar enriches the story:

"There are a few reasons; the most important one is that we want all of our players to be able to identify with the avatar they are playing. Another important reason is narrative. The choice actually strengthens the story we wish to tell."

We'll hear more about Metrico's story and its updated gameplay at GDC next week.

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