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Google Play Store update adds finer security control for app purchases


Making it smoother for you to buy up all the in-app items you need (or making it harder for your kids to do the same), Google's latest update to the Play Store is adding a new "Require password" settings option, as well as a more eye-catching in-app purchase reminder when applicable apps are downloaded. These security changes might well be in response to a recently filed class action lawsuit against Google Play, and the ability for children to really ring up those in-app purchases within a 30-minute window. In the company's defense, however, the default setting requires users to input their password for every app and in-app item.

Apple recently added an in-app purchase nag warning inside its iOS 7.1 update, noting that once the password has been entered, users won't have to re-enter it for 15 minutes. Google's store update also adds the ability to batch-install apps (ready for that upgrade), although it's curiously dropped the batch-uninstall function. The fight against bloatware might take a little longer next time.

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