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Landmark will be included in SOE's All-Access program; latest EQ Next roundtable video now live


SOE has today updated the FAQ for its multi-MMO All-Access Program. Among the update highlights is the news that EverQuest Next Landmark will be included in the All-Access program, but not in time for April 16th. What else do you need to know that you didn't know before?
  • Every participating game will clearly show players when they've received their monthly 500 Station Cash.
  • Multiple-month memberships will not grant all of their bonuses at once.
  • Existing silver memberships in EverQuest and EverQuest II will be grandfathered but no longer available to newcomers.
  • Separate accounts for different SOE games will remain separate.
  • Multiple game memberships on a single account will be merged into a single All-Access membership reflecting total game time and rated on the oldest membership.
In EverQuest Next news, SOE has posted up its latest roundtable video, this time discussing whether a single character should be able to do ALL THE CRAFTS. We've embedded it below!

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