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The Queue: I miss Gnomechewer

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Dude made my favorite machinima.

DiavoJinx asks:
Time line question for the Queue:
Post-Catacylsm, which happens first: the events in Silverpine Forest (Sylvanas being rezzed by val'kyr sacrificing themselves) or the battle in Andorhal?
I ask because val'kyr can resurrect the dead (to create new Forsaken) and in the Alliance version of the Andorhal quests, a ton of val'kyr show up. Yet it's a "big deal" that the named val'kyr in Silverpine Forest sacrifice themselves to resurrect Sylvanas, and if THINK there's mention that only they could bring back the dead.
Inconsistent? Or did I likely miss some info? Thanks! =

Silverpine happens first. The reason it's a big deal that they resurrect Sylvanas is twofold - one, they've done it before (that's when they made their pact with her, she threw herself off of Icecrown Citadel and died in the leader short story) and two, in order to do it, one of them had to sacrifice herself. What the valkyr do in Andorhal isn't, strictly speaking, a resurrection, it's raising the dead as forsaken. (You'll also note that when the big val'kyr is taken out, the battle is over, implying that some of the valks are less important than others.)

Malkinus asks:
I am wondering if WoW is running out of space to develop new content. We have a lot of old world that is now has the map completely filled in instead of unknown locations. in BC we moved to the Outlands for a whole new world. In Wrath a new land, Northrend, was discovered. In Mists we have the new island of Pandaria. Now in WoD we have a new old land in Draenor before it became the Outlands. We did have Cataclysm which reworked the old lands into new and that provided new places to discover and quest in. After WoD, will we have a new restructuring of the old lands or a brand new, never discovered place?

It's possible. At BlizzCon this year, our old friend the red shirt guy (Ian Bates) mentioned that as we go south in Azeroth, things get more tropical - if Azeroth is an earth sized planet, that would suggest that everything we've done has been in the northern hemisphere heading towards the equator for Pandaria, STV and Uldum. So there could be an entire huge land mass down there. Chris Metzen also mentioned that he wished they'd never put globes in Ulduar.

There's also several other planets - Argus, Xoroth, and others - we've heard of, but never seen.

BlazeNor asks:
Q4tQ: Is there a reason why official 1vs1 PvP does not exist yet? Or even deathmatches?

Primarily balancing issues. Blizzard has said that 2x2 is already harder to balance than 3x3 or larger, but it's impossible to make every class equally good against every other class and retain any sort of class flavor.

Captain Cakewalk asks:
Q4tQ: Does anyone else worry that even though Heroes of the Storm looks AMAZING that we may be influxed with the sort of nasty, foul mouthed tripe that seems to dog other MOBA games?

I'm not trying to be nasty or insulting here and I am forever the optimist but I am really REALLY worried that it may happen to HotS and if it did I would NEVER play it. Ever.

I'm not worried about it, but I'm definitely not in the mood for it, either. Hopefully Blizzard has some ideas on how to deal with this, because I agree, it was the main reason I didn't play other MOBA's and after playing some technical alpha I definitely want to play this one.

bcf_80 says:
I'd like to see Blizzard take a page from SOE's playbook and offer some sort of "Blizzard Pass" for their games. Instead of $14.99/mo for WoW, you could pay $19.99/mo and get WoW, Hearthstone gold, unlimited Heroes, maybe some monthly item in Diablo, etc. It would, as always, be an optional upgrade from a standard WoW account, but would offer some nice perks (maybe a quarterly or semi-annual mount in WoW?) and keep WoW subs up and Blizzard and players happy.

If Blizzard ever offers another monthly sub game, I could definitely see something like this happening - conversely it'd be a nice way to get automatically upgraded to expansions that come out (ie, you pay the extra money monthly and you automatically get the next expansion to X game, like Diablo or Hearthstone.)

And that's the Queue for today. See y'all next Friday.
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