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Indie horror Home scrolling to PS4, Vita (no, not that Home)


Indie horror Home is coming to PS4 and Vita later this year, and just to reiterate, we're talking about the game by Benjamin Rivers, and not a bunch of trendily-groomed avatars. Rivers confirmed the PlayStation versions of his pixel-art side-scroller include everything added to the game since its 2012 launch, and he also teased the possibility of new content.

In Home you play as a man who wakes up alone in a house that isn't his, and he doesn't remember how he got there, or a chain of morbid recent events. As you help him make his way home you come across certain things that stir the man's memories, but the kicker is you get to choose what those memories are. Did you open those drawers and rifle through their contents? Did you take the gun or not? As you play and make those choices, bits and pieces of the story change - sometimes subtly, sometimes less so.

Today's news follows Rivers' recent tease of his next game, Alone With You, which he describes as a psychological romance adventure that's about exploration, escape, and love.
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