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Valve adds 'virtual reality mode' to latest Steam beta


Valve is gradually embracing the warmth of an enormous video screen being mounted to its face, as it updated the beta client of Steam to add a "virtual reality mode" option. The newest beta version of Steam removes the "-vr" command line option in favor of a button in the view menu, which only appears for those with SteamVR installed when a head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift is detected.

Virtual reality became a big focal point for Valve in recent years, and its former head of VR joined Oculus VR's new Seattle team just one week ago. Our friends at Engadget seem to believe that this week, the week of the Game Developers Conference, is the time that the virtual reality landscape will begin to "look very different." Given the recent rumor that Sony will unveil its own virtual reality headset in the coming days, we tend to agree.
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