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    Bracketron TruRunner: Protecting you and your iPhone during workouts


    Runners have options when it comes to carrying their iPhones along for a brisk run, with things like armbands and good old fanny packs being popular solutions. Bracketron will begin selling the TruRunner lightweight pack (US$19.95) in May, so we took a pre-release model of this new runner's friend for a quick spin around the neighborhood.

    Design Highlights

    Unlike traditional fanny packs, the TruRunner is made of elastic materials that not only allow the "pack" to expand to fit your electronics, keys and wallet, but hold those items in place so that they're not bouncing around. Likewise, the strap is also elastic, allowing for a comfortable fit and ensuring that the pack isn't going to get loose and drop off of your body.

    Perhaps the best feature, however, is the reflective tab on one side of the pack. While the rest of the TruRunner is flat black, the small tab glows brightly when a light is shined upon it. This is a handy helper for those nighttime runs.

    A single snap buckle on the front of the TruRunner makes putting the pack on and removing it a piece of cake. There's a waterproof lining on the inside of the pack itself to keep sweat and rain from infiltrating your electronics, and the zipper closing the pack is also waterproof.

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    The entire TruRunner weighs just 2.2 ounces (62.3 grams), so it's not going to weigh you down.

    Functionality Highlights

    I took the TruRunner for a spin during one of my daily hikes and found the pack to be a nice fit for my iPhone in its Mophie Juice Pack, an ID, and a couple of keys. The TruRunner's elastic band and an adjustment buckle made it easy to fit the pack to my middle-age physique, and it was just very comfortable.

    I initially had some concerns that the lack of padding in the TruRunner pack would make the iPhone feel like a knife to my kidneys, but that concern went away the minute I put the pack on. The comfort level and the fact that the pack didn't jostle around with every step made the TruRunner a real winner.

    To top it off, the TruRunner is just big enough to carry your necessities, but won't be an embarrassment like those mammoth fanny packs that hang like a second stomach off of fat sweaty tourists at the beach in summer.


    Need a comfortable, sweat-and-rainproof way of carrying your iPhone during runs, hikes, or workouts? Bracketron's TruRunner fits the bill.

    Rating: 4 stars out of 4 stars possible

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