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The Daily Grind: Is story more fun for you than game mechanics?

Jef Reahard

Yesterday Bree asked if MMOs need to be fun, a question that was based off the statements of Assassin's Creed devs at this week's GDC. As I was reading that particular panel recap, I couldn't help thinking that the AC dev duo got it wrong.

From my perspective, games most definitely need to be fun. What they don't need is a screenwriter. Games are built on interactivity and interesting mechanics, and I'd not like to see more development money wasted on straight-jacket narratives that are better suited to books or filmed entertainment.

Assassin's Creed, funnily enough, is the perfect example of gameplay trumping story. I've exhausted every title in the series, even the portables, and am currently enjoying the heck out of Black Flag. But I couldn't tell you a thing about the characters or the plot. The series' raison d'etre is open-world platforming, collection minigames, and in the case of IV, commanding a frickin' pirate ship!

How about it, Massively readers? Agree? Disagree? Is story more fun for you than game mechanics?

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