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Xbox One's 'Titanfall' bundle gets a price cut to $450 at Walmart and Best Buy (update: Amazon too)


The PS4 may have commanded an early lead over the Xbox One, partly thanks to a $100 price difference, but Microsoft is quickly narrowing the gap. Now, the company might just seal the deal with a discounted Xbox One-Titanfall bundle: both Walmart and Best Buy have cut the price to $450. The move is an aggressive one on Walmart and Best Buy's part: Microsoft only recently started selling the Titanfall bundle for $500 a week and a half ago. Now, just 10 days later, it's received a $50 discount. For those keeping track, that puts the Xbox One within spitting distance ($50) of the PlayStation 4, which doesn't even come with a game in the box. Subtract Titanfall's $60 value from the cost, and Microsoft at last has the cheaper console. So, which of you is buying?

Update: Amazon is also getting in on the action. Though the Titanfall bundle is still listed for $499, adding it to the cart and using promo code "xiamazon" drops the price to $450.

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