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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wants to be a VR Trooper

S. Prell, @SamPrell

First the Oculus Rift, and now Sony has announced a piece of virtual reality teach with which to make us lose our heads. Not a day later, Dev Kit 2 of the Oculus Rift is available for pre-order. The future is now, my friends. Or, maybe it's this holiday. Or whenever these things actually come out, since neither device being shown is anything beyond a developer's kit prototype.

Even so, it makes me excited for the possible future that VR technology could enable. I want to fly a spaceship or go skydiving from the comfort of my home. I want to become Link or watch a 360-degree movie. I want to see the future, and knowing that it won't just be Oculus exploring the potential of virtual reality makes me feel more at ease, like there's going to be company with me on the journey. And yes, I want to be a VR Trooper.

What about you, though? Is VR something that excites you? Would you like to learn more about the topic, or do you wish it would go away? Leave your thoughts below after you check out this week's selection of webcomics!

Penny Arcade (Combuskible)
Critical Miss (Dark Souls Six: Darkest Souls)
ReadySoup (You've Got Pork Chops Kid)
Nerf NOW!! (Nerfnow Presents Dead or Alive) [Borderline NSFW]
Awkward Zombie (Dark Age of the Law)
Dorkly (If Ordering a Titan Were Like Ordering a Pizza)


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