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Volition's canceled Xbox One, PS4 game was a post-apocalyptic Western


Saints Row series developer Volition was creating a post-apocalyptic, open-world action game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 until it recently pulled the plug on the project, senior producer Greg Donovan revealed during a panel discussion at GDC last week.

The game, codenamed "Zeus," was to take place in Rio in the wake of an apocalyptic disaster. Players would control a gunslinging Western-style hero, and gameplay would largely take place on-foot, contrasting the superheroic traversal powers featured in Saints Row 4.

Donovan cites a lack of time and resources as the reasons behind the project's cancellation. "Right or wrong, we know we could've made this game," he said. "But it would've taken too long. It wouldn't have been the responsible thing to do." Currently, the studio is developing a "top-secret" project built on its early experiments with Zeus.

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