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iOS 7 adoption rate hits 85 percent


Apple this week updated its developer page with a chart indicating that 85 percent of iOS devices are now running iOS 7. By way of contrast, the number of iOS devices using iOS 7 back in December of 2013 was 74 percent.

In addition to iOS 6 users eventually making the upgrade, the increase is also the result of new iOS devices -- with iOS 7 already pre-installed -- being sold by the millions.

Naturally, the uptick in devices running iOS 7 has also resulted in a marked decrease in iOS 6 usage. In the last four months alone, iOS 6 usage has dropped from 22 percent to 12 percent.

By all accounts, the adoption rate of iOS 7 appears to be much higher and faster than it's been for any other major iOS release.

Measured against Android, note that just 2.5 percent of Android devices are currently running KitKat, the most recent iteration of Android. Indeed, most Android devices today are now running variants of Jelly Bean, which was initially released back in July of 2012.

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