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PopCap working to squash Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC bugs [Update]


Last week's debut of the Garden Variety DLC for PopCap's Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare brought mixed reactions. Players appreciated that the addition is available free of charge, but they were less than pleased with the bugs that have been causing the third-person shooter to crash on consoles.

Since initial bug reports began streaming in, PopCap's tech staff has been working to alleviate the problems. Last Friday, the developer released a patch that should have cleared up any issues with the Xbox One version of the DLC, though the Xbox 360 game remains partially hobbled.

PopCap creative director Justin Wiebe has been fielding reports on Twitter. Though Wiebe has yet to offer a specific timeline for when the Xbox 360 bugs will be squashed, his most recent tweet on the topic offers players hope. "We have a potential fix submitted for testing," Wiebe wrote. "If the tests go well X360 should be back to norm soon. Fingers crossed!"

We've contacted PopCap and publisher EA for further information on the status of the DLC. We'll report back as soon as we hear anything.

Update: EA has offered a reply to our inquiry which you can find below the break.
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"With the launch of Garden Variety content last week, some players reported experiencing stability and connectivity issues with PvZ Garden Warfare. As of late last week the team had deployed fixes to address many of these issues on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, Main Street and Driftwood Shores Gardens & Graveyards maps remain disabled on Xbox 360 while the team works on resolving a stability issue specific to those maps. We are expecting to be able to bring these maps back online in the very near future."

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