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Comic Book Wednesdays come to Google Play with single issues from DC


Google Play Books and DC Entertainment are showing off their super friendship once again, but, this time, for readers who'd rather consume comics in bite-sized portions. As of today, you can grab single issues from the publisher directly from Mountain View's media market. To celebrate, there's even a sale on the likes of Aquaman and Adventure Comics for $0.99 an issue, while a handful of others including Batman and Green Arrow are under $3 apiece. As the senior vice president of DC's Vertigo label has told CNET, its Google customers were happy but kept asking for single issues. As a result, the outfit beefed up its back-end to accommodate the weekly storefront schedule, and now you should have new issues 52 times a year. See? Further proof that if you really want a company to do something, all you have to do is ask politely.

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