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Recommended Reading: Game of Thrones' costume clues, women in tech and the legacy of Jim Ross


Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you'll also find short reviews of books dealing with subjects that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the read.

Deciphering the Hidden Messages in "Game of Thrones" Costumes
by Rebecca Greenfield, Fast Company


Game of Thrones starts back up this Sunday with the season 4 kick-off. Chatting with Fast Company, costume designer Michele Clapton offers up some tidbits on what viewers can glean from this season's character's costumes upon further inspection. You'll get a closer look at Daenerys' iconic blue dress with its scale-like pattern and what the golden hand that Jamie Lannister is due to receive this season says about his sister Cersei.

A Day in the Life: Women Tech Innovators
by NPR

Okay, so this one's more Recommended Listening, but it's still a great selection that's definitely worth your time. In case you missed it, Tell Me More's Michael Martin led a series of features on women in tech throughout the month of March. Here, the goal was to "meet women who are driving the rise of the technology sector in this nation's economy." Topics range from tech education initiatives to Victoria's Secret and Prada model Lyndsey Scott chatting up her app design and computer science skills.


Driven: How Zipcar's Founders Built and Lost a Car-Sharing Empire
by Arielle Duhaime-Ross, The Verge

You might remember Zipcar making headlines in January of 2013 when of of the largest rental car companies in the US, Avis, snatched up the car-sharing outfit for a cool $491 million. What you may not know however, is that both of the companies founders left over a decade ago. The Verge's Arielle Duhaime-Ross takes a look at the story behind Zipcar and exactly how "as the company came together, its co-founders grew apart."


Good God Almighty, It's Jim Ross!
by Thomas Golianopoulos, SB Nation

For those of us who grew up watching professional wrestling (or wrasslin', depending on who you ask), Jim Ross voiced the move-by-move commentary for all of the "slobberknockers" during a span of four decades. This year though, ol' JR is moving on, and back to Okla. SB Nation takes a look back at the announcer's great ringside career which includes the amazing call from The Undertaker vs. Mic Foley in 1998's epic Hell in the Cell match. You know the one: "GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! THEY'VE KILLED HIM." Just reading that sends chills down my spine.


The Guilt of Video-Game Millionares
by Simon Parkin, The New Yorker

Indie game developers sometimes end up making loads or money, working solo with a laptop instead of amongst a studio of devs. However, it's not all fun and games. A growing number of these creatives are experiencing guilt and depression after becoming millionaires in a matter of weeks. The New Yorker's Simon Parkin takes a look at the stories behind the sudden riches and the unforeseen side effects it causes.


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