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Incoming DayZ update to include fire, tweaks to physics, player control

If you've been wishing campfires would help give away the position of DayZ's, uh ... "spirited" brand of survivors at night, this might be your month! Developer Bohemia Interactive is planning on implementing a patch that gifts the destructive element to players, both for building campfires and igniting flammable objects. Reworked physics and player control are also planned, as is a fix to address messaging spam.

Citing strong fan feedback as an inspiration, Bohemia's patch will implement 1:1 movement between mouse controls and the head of a player's avatar. Weapons are planned to act differently, though - the more cumbersome a player's equipped bargaining tool is, the longer it will take to swing in a different direction and fire. A system will also be added to let players charge projectiles, be it an item or the arrow they're aiming from a bow.

Lastly, Bohemia hopes to fix a messaging problem where the "client and server 'spam' messages at each other, hoping that some of the messages get through." The studio believes this is the major hurdle in surpassing the 100-player limit per server. The fix is expected to appear on experimental servers sometime next week before appearing in this month's update.

No word yet on a patch to make the rest of DayZ's player base as awesome as (NSFW language) fire extinguisher guy.
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