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The Sun at Night studio announces Murder at Mystery Manor


The Sun at Night developer Minicore Studios announced that it's currently prototyping Murder at Mystery Manor, an online multiplayer investigation game that puts players at the heart of a low-poly murder mystery.

Similar in setup to the classic board game Clue, Murder at Mystery Manor challenges players to unanimously identify a murderer among their ranks by piecing together clues and communicating discoveries with one another. Unlike Clue, however, the player who is assigned the role of the murderer at the beginning of each game must successfully break away from the group and kill an assigned target without being seen by other players, adding a layer of deception to gameplay.

Murder at Mystery Manor is in development for PC platforms, and a release date has not been announced. Minicore is also developing The Sky Below, a direct sequel to last year's The Sun at Night.

[Image: Minicore Studios]

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