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First episodes of '24: Live Another Day' to be simulcast with the US

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Not wanting to be left behind by networks across the pond, Sky's been pulling out all of the stops to broadcast big-budget TV shows at the same time as its American counterparts. Following the season four premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones, which saw 538,000 viewers opt to return to Westeros way past their bedtime, the broadcaster has confirmed it's hashed out another simulcast deal, this time teaming up with with Fox to mark the return of Jack Bauer to UK TV screens. The opening double bill of 24: Live Another Day will air on Sky1 at 1am on May 6th, the same time as when US viewers will be tuning in. The 12-part series will revert to its traditional 9pm slot from then on, but it will also be available on-demand. After a surge in Game of Thrones streams managed to bring Now TV and HBO Go servers down yesterday, we wonder if Sky will be better prepared for when Jack comes back.

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