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Amazon UK, Asda selling Xbox One at PS4 price of £350


Amazon's UK arm and high street retailer Asda are currently offering the Titanfall Xbox One bundle at £349, the same price tag Sony UK puts on the PS4. The Xbox One originally launched at £430 in the country before Microsoft reduced its "estimated retail price" to £399 earlier this year.

Amazon and Asda's pricing constitutes an almost 20 percent reduction from the Xbox One's launch price, a situation mirrored this time last year by the Wii U following its sales struggles. Last we heard, the Xbox One sold 3 million units by the close of 2013 following its launch in November; there's been no update on that figure since the turn of the year.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One's regular price remains $499 in the US, although Microsoft is still selling it at $449 on its online store for a limited time.
[Image: Microsoft]

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