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Sunday Morning Funnies: Fuzzy again

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A pattern of revenge is brought to light. A bribe is offered. Some bad advice is dished out. A newfound appreciation for game content is earned. Finally, the hunt for the sorcerer continues (because, fuzzy!).

In comic news from the past week, the Looking for Group site has been redesigned. Plus, the kraken is still around! And he has a name (Scooter).

The creator of Chat Channeling has answered a questionnaire (as part of a blogging game), so if you're interested in getting to know Witty Warlock, you should check it out.

The interview with Trigonometry continues this week. You know, our favorite undead gnome? Who may be our only undead gnome, but that hardly accounts for the love. (I, personally, think it's the cheeks. Anyone?) (Rug is also apparently trying to recruit me to prank Trig more often. I, for one, would be smart enough not to deny Rug something she wants!)

In sadder news, Gnomeregan Forever features a comic to commemorate the life of a recently departed in-game friend, Xiaolong. I am sure that even though many of us have not suffered a loss in quite this manner, we all know what it is to make real friends in this game, who are there for us when we are sick or down or out, as well as when we really need a new piece of gear or a partner to take on the world (of Azeroth). Our condolences.

As a reminder, in case you missed us last week, Contested Territory is on an unexpected (but brief) hiatus. It will return April 18, and show up here again on April 27.

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