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Guacamelee dev trades chicken powers for amputation with Severed

Drinkbox Studios displayed its knack for 2D sidescrolling adventures in last year's Guacamelee!, but its next project will bring its audience a little closer to the action. Severed is a first-person, gesture-controlled adventure game planned for release in 2015. Platforms remain a mystery for now.

Severed's world is open, but defending yourself from its inhabitants is handled through "natural-motion based mechanics," according to Drinkbox. Different enemies will have different strengths, weaknesses and tells, so you won't be able to just Fruit Ninja your way through every encounter. Packs of monsters can also surround players, calling for strategy as they decide who to face and deal with first.

Like Guacamelee!, players will accumulate abilities as they progress through Severed, including the addition of spells and items to upgrade the main heroine. There won't be transforming goat men to teach you new tricks this time around – instead, Severed will have players lopping off parts of enemies and attaching them to their character.

Basically, anyone that thought allowing players to turn into chickens was as weird as Drinkbox Studios was going to get? Doesn't seem like the case anymore.
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Discover The Fantastical World of DrinkBox Studios New Game, Severed, With This Intense, First Trailer

DrinkBox Studios, the Toronto-based independent video game developer of Guacamelee!, Mutant Blobs Attack and About a Blob, is revealing today its newest game, Severed, which is slated for release in spring 2015.

Severed follows the saga of a distraught warrior, lost in a fantastical world, as she knits together pieces of her story from both the past and the future. As the heroine, players will embark on a journey through a surreal, nonlinear world by using a gesture-based combat mechanic to defeat enemies in this first-person adventure. During their journey, players will unlock new abilities, discover secrets of the land, and grow in power as they master both offensive and defensive techniques.

Key Features:
- Take on the role of a heroine in this first-person, dungeon crawleresque adventure
- Mysterious highly stylized surreal world to explore
- Natural-motion based mechanics to combat enemies and explore/interact with the world
- Nonlinear gameplay gives players autonomy over upgrade paths
- Light RPG elements, including spells and items that progressively upgrade the main character
- Battle multiple enemies simultaneously, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to discover
- Original soundtrack from Juno nominated band YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and kulintang ensemble Pantayo

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